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Whether you drive van or car, we offer a large selection of more than 13,000 Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts for all Mercedes-Benz vehicles.



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Why should you have to choose between a decent price and high quality? Mercedes-Benz Remanufactured Parts offer proven quality at an attractive price.

Economic replacement part costs.

Guaranteed Mercedes-Benz quality.

Reliable availability levels.

Resource-saving production.

Genuine Mercedes-Benz remanufactured parts.

Mercedes-Benz quality at an attractive price.

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Why should you be forced to choose between great prices and outstanding quality when you can have both? With its genuine remanufactured parts, Mercedes-Benz offers tried-and-trusted quality at an attractive price.

The remanufacturing process

The remanufacturing process

We employ a resource-conserving remanufacturing process based on Mercedes-Benz expertise. All genuine remanufactured parts are disassembled, cleaned, and remanufactured by specialists. The remanufacturing process aims to ensure above all the usability and safety of all remanufactured parts. And when you return your used, old part, you'll receive an attractive financial reward.

Questions and answers

Questions and answers

How do you exchange your old part for a remanufactured replacement part? Through which sources can Mercedes-Benz Remanufactured Parts be procured? What is the price difference to a comparable new part? Answers to these and many more questions can be found here.

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts.

Your vehicle needs to be repaired – and you insist on not only top quality, but also a quick and cost-effective solution. Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured replacement parts are exactly the solution you're looking for.

Whether you drive a van or car, we offer more than 13,000 genuine Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured parts. The genuine parts are remanufactured with exclusive Mercedes-Benz manufacturer expertise and offer tried-and-trusted quality at an attractive price. Our remanufactured parts meet the same quality and safety standards as new parts. Specially trained professionals inspect each part and decide whether they can be remanufactured.

What are the benefits of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured parts?

At Mercedes-Benz, you benefit from quality designed to meet the highest standards at an attractive price. As a manufacturer, we employ state-of-the-art technology and new innovations in the remanufacturing of Mercedes-Benz replacement parts for our passenger car and van divisions. All remanufactured parts meet the very latest technological requirements. We also offer our customers a high level of availability for our replacement parts. This reduces non-operational time and ensures a high level of operational reliability. With more than 13,000 genuine remanufactured parts, we offer a broad range of Mercedes-Benz replacement parts for vehicles of all types. As a commercial customer, you can quickly and easily order any of our remanufactured parts online.

What Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured parts do we offer?

Our comprehensive portfolio encompasses remanufactured replacement parts covering every aspect of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, including engines, transmissions, and clutches. We also offer a huge selection of electronic components such as engine control units, transmission control units, starters, and A/C compressors. When it comes to injection systems, you can find a whole range of components including fuel injectors, diesel injection nozzles, and diesel injection pumps. For the suspension, we offer products such as differentials, drive shafts, brake calipers, and steering systems.

Genuine remanufactured parts versus genuine parts and used parts – Your benefits at a glance.

Mercedes-Benz offers the perfect repair solution whatever the target group, including genuine parts, new parts, used parts, and genuine remanufactured parts. A genuine remanufactured part is of the same quality as a new part, but is cheaper. This is achieved thanks to a resource-saving remanufacturing process based on exclusive manufacturer expertise. In addition, remanufactured parts have the same warranty as new parts. Genuine remanufactured parts are first-choice products but are subject to the same recycling concept as used parts because reusing genuine remanufactured parts and used parts helps to protect the environment. With genuine remanufactured parts, your Mercedes loses nothing of its original authenticity because the longevity, reliability, and safety of these parts all meet the highly stringent standards of Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz Remanufactured Parts save money and help protect the environment.

Our reconditioned parts save money and also help protect the environment because the reconditioning process we use for our parts uses fewer resources than the process of manufacturing new parts. With a remanufactured part, the price reduction with respect to a new part is twofold because the price of the remanufactured part is reduced further when you return the old part. This means that remanufactured parts are 35% cheaper on average. The reconditioning process used by Mercedes-Benz makes an important contribution toward protecting the environment – but you can make your own contribution, too. Exchange your Mercedes-Benz used part for a reconditioned Mercedes-Benz genuine part and receive an attractive financial reward. This makes the solution cheaper for you, and we can send the old part for reconditioning.

How do you return your old used part?

When your vehicle is repaired, instead of buying a new part, you can buy a reconditioned replacement part of the same quality as a new part. The basic principle of the remanufactured part cycle at Mercedes-Benz is a deposit system. When a dealer orders a Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Part, it can send back the old part that was removed from the customer vehicle. It receives a deposit value in return. The dealer sends the old parts back to the Logistics Center using the normal shipping channels, and from there they are sent directly to Mercedes-Benz for inspection. The final deposit value is determined at this point based on the predefined take-back criteria that are familiar to all dealers. Once they have been inspected, the parts are sent for reconditioning in the Mercedes-Benz factory, where they are disassembled, cleaned, and industrially reconditioned. This means that the vehicle repair process can continue, and the vehicle is ready to hit the road again as soon as possible.