Workshop Information System (XENTRY WIS)

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Information at the push of a button with XENTRY WIS

All technical descriptions, work instructions and information you need for your maintenance or repair are now available in the new XENTRY WIS. Your modern workshop information system convinces with a new design, is conveniently integrated and can also be used on your mobile devices. The use of OpenWebStart is no longer required. At the push of a button, you receive up-to-date and precise data about your workshop order anytime and anywhere. This allows you to process your order efficiently and act in a targeted manner.

Optimized functionalities in a modern design

Benefit from your new workshop information system:

  • Vehicle-specific repair and maintenance information from a single source

  • Up-to-date information for optimal maintenance and repair services according to manufacturer specifications

  • New product design

  • Use on mobile devices

  • Integration and stronger networking with other applications

  • OpenWebStart/JAVA Client omitted

  • Same operating concept enables quick familiarization

If the information available via the portal is not sufficient, we can also offer you the possibility of a fee-based training. For more information on dates, course locations and prices, please contact

The individual modules of XENTRY WIS

  • WIS (Workshop Information System): Always up-to-date repair and maintenance information for your workshop orders as well as maintenance or repair services.
    • Testing and repair work
    • Maintenance and care
    • Circuit diagrams (electrics, hydraulics, pneumatics)
    • Service information
    • Measures and instructions
    • Subsequent installation and conversion
    • Test and setting values as well as tightening torques
    • Filling quantities and fuel regulations
    • Repair equipment and tools
    • Forms and certificates

  • MSS (Maintenance Service System) supports vehicle maintenance across all divisions and model series
    • WSM (WIS Service Media)
    • G&K or FFV-relevant videos and animations for maintenance, diagnosis and repair
    • Introductory notes System descriptions
    • Troubleshooting Guide

Dynamic Wiring Diagram

The new module "Dynamic Wiring Diagram" in B2B Connect is available to every XENTRY WIS user. The FIN-specific representation of "Dynamic Wiring Diagram" shows the user only the relevant circuit diagram for his vehicle. A time-consuming search for the vehicle equipment and system jumps are no longer necessary. This as well as other search and filter functions help the user and contribute significantly to the reduction of possible research errors in the repair and diagnostic process.

Further information on components, among other things, can also be displayed with just one click. "Dynamic Wiring Diagram" is linked to the WIS right; therefore a separate order is not required. Please note that from the end of 2021, circuit diagrams for new start-ups and model updates will only be available in the "Dynamic Wiring Diagram" module. Therefore, preferably use this module for schematic research.

And what are the system requirements?

In order to be able to use the application, you should pay attention to the Connectivity Guide’s requirements for hardware and software.

XWIS Quick GuideDWD Quick GuideXENTRY WIS BrochureXENTRY WIS Helpcard


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