Remote Maintenance Support (RMS) API

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Plan workshop visits before the vehicle has even arrived in the workshop: With the RMS API, you'll have access to the latest maintenance-relevant data present in Mercedes-Benz Connect-compatible vehicles. You can use this information in your own application – for example, to get to know the maintenance requirements of a vehicle prior to a workshop visit.

Your advantages at a glance

More service
Preparation and planning for workshop visits becomes easier, since it is possible to access data and information prior to and even during workshop visits. This way, you can speed up service procedures and also expand the range of services that you offer.

Flexible and remote
With our API, your workshop will have the option of using diagnosis-relevant data for your own application. This data can be accessed remotely for all Mercedes-Benz Connect-compatible vehicles.

Range of functions of the Remote Maintenance Support (RMS) API

Please be aware that the listed functions are only possible for Mercedes-Benz Connect-compatible vehicles and subsidiaries of Mercedes-Benz AG.

The range of functions and scope of data of RMS differs according to the vehicle model. For example, there are differences in the scope of data between cars and vans. In principle, only data that is also present in the vehicle memory can be supplied.

Vehicle data
You will be provided with the following vehicle data:

– Kilometer reading
– Remaining distance and remaining time
– Service and workshop code
– Maintenance-relevant warning messages and instrument cluster messages

Vehicle functions
You will be provided with the following vehicle functions:

– Data capability (display of telematics status)
– Quick tests can be actively requested from the vehicle

For more details, click on the following link:
Mercedes–Benz /developers – The API platform by Daimler

What are the requirements?

To use Remote Maintenance Support (RMS), an additional basic requirement is to obtain the data release for independent service providers from the registered owner of the vehicle.

For cars and vans, the following requirements apply:

  • The Mercedes me General Terms of Business must be accepted

  • The Mercedes me connect "Telediagnostics" service must be activated

  • The Mercedes me connect "Third-party provider interface" service must be activated

  • The Mercedes me connect "Remote vehicle diagnostics" service can be optionally activated (required for the function of deleting fault codes)

  • Finally, the confirmation of the registered owner regarding the intended-purpose-linked data access in your own application is required

Technical information
The maintenance-relevant data generated by the vehicle is output via an application programming interface (API) that provides the data in JSON format. This means that the vehicle-generated data first needs to be integrated into an application before it can be used by a technician/workshop/customer/third party/etc.

RMS API Support

You can select the appropriate category under “Need help?”. If you cannot find a suitable answer in the FAQs, open a ticket at the bottom of the page.