Digital Service Booklet (DSB)

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What does the Digital Service Booklet (DSB) have to offer?

The days of conventional maintenance documents are almost over. The digital service report is here to stay. The online system for Mercedes-Benz vehicle owners exactly and reliably documents completed service and maintenance work.

And the best thing about it: all service records, including data on completed service and maintenance are safely and securely saved in a central Mercedes-Benz database. Customers just keep their most recent digital service report. Sounds like a host of benefits, right?

Benefits to your workshop

  • A Better Overview

The vehicle history complete with service data is available online, with international versions in the corresponding, official language.

  • Increased Data Transparency

Don’t lose any more time searching for Service Booklets whilst your customer is waiting. Should the Service Booklet have been misplaced, all documented entries can be retrieved immediately. Making service appointment booking a more straightforward process and supporting workshop planning.

Benefits to your customers

  • Added security if the Service Booklet is misplaced

Your vehicle's service data has been consistently documented and can no longer be lost. For this reason, the warranty remains valid for customers and can be restored at any time even if personal, digital service reports are lost.

  • More convenient when abroad or switching workshops

Service data is made available to registered partners in the corresponding, official language, ensuring that all customers can receive professional help quickly.

  • Improved value retention between purchase and resale

Mileage and completed maintenance jobs remain documented. Tamper-proof and verifiable. This boosts the resale value of the Mercedes-Benz vehicle or gives customers additional peace of mind with used vehicles.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Free, digital record of all maintenance and repair services

  • Maintenance records provided to customers

  • Overview of service appointments and data transparency for each vehicle

  • Secure even if Service Booklet is lost, more convenient when abroad and helps retain the value of used vehicles

DSB quick start Guide

And what are the System Requirements?

Please note the following hardware and software requirements to be able to use the DSB application:

CPUPentium III or >== 400 MHz
RAM2 GB RAM or more
Screen (recommended)Normal screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or more than 256 colours
Recommended bandwidthISDN or faster
Operating systemWindows 7
Web browserMicrosoft Internet Explorer (version 8 or more recent), Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome
CookiesMust be enabled
Browser pluginAdobe Acrobat Reader
Windows login credentialsCredentials featuring special characters and umlauts (ä, ö, ü, ß, é, è $, &, etc.) in the Windows login name cannot be used to start DSB
JavaJRE 1.7