Data Products

Utilize the data offerings from Mercedes-Benz for your own solutions in the automotive sector. We are pleased to assist you in effectively integrating our data into your application cases. The Mercedes-Benz data products are made available to you in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2018/858.

Repair & Maintenance Information as a Service

Repair & Maintenance Information via Application

Diagnostic Data

Vehicle Data Card

The following services are available to you: Spare Parts Information; Workshop Information (Repair and Maintenance Information); Dynamic Wiring Diagram; TIPS Topic (Technical Information and Solutions); Repair Master Data (Repair Codes and Texts); Repair Time (Repair Times and Texts).

In four steps to your data product:

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  2. Begin the Publisher verification process
  3. Personal product presentation and needs analysis
  4. Conclusion of contract 

If you have any questions or further needs for data products, please contact us by email.




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