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What does XENTRY Pass Thru EU have to offer?

XENTRY Pass Thru EU is the diagnosis software for standard PCs, made specifically for independent operators according to EC regulations (715/2007, 692/2008, 595/2009, 582/2011, 64/2012 and 2018/858).
In order to process your request as quickly as possible, we require an evidence confirmation that you belong to the authorised group of persons (motor vehicle workshop or other company dealing with motor vehicle repairs). This requires the upload of relevant documents (e.g. trade licence, entry in the commercial register, verification of professional qualification in the motor vehicle trade, or another official document proving the purpose of the business).

Prices XENTRY Pass Thru EU 

Flat-rate user fee (1 year)180.00 € / year
 1 hour1 day1 week1 month1 year
MB PC incl. VAN, smart, EQ, Maybach13.90 €55.60 €172.00 €443.00 €3,055.00 €
MB VAN7.30 €29.10 €90.00 €232.00 €1,596.00 €
smart7.30 €29.10 €90.00 €232.00 €1,596.00 €

Scope of functionality and diagnosis in XENTRY Pass Thru EU

Nearly the complete diagnostic scope (quick test, basic diagnosis, flashing & coding control units, reading/deleting fault memories, guided and functional diagnosis, DAS4 services) with the exception of technical restrictions due to the Pass Thru devices:

  • Quick test and functional diagnosis (single-channel therefore longer runtime)

  • Basic diagnosis (only in XENTRY Diagnosis)

  • Commissioning incl. flashing, coding and parameterization

  • Diagnosis available for:
    — All passenger car model series certified to Euro 5 and 6 (Mercedes-Benz and smart) , please see note below regarding DoIP
    — All van model series certified to Euro 5 and 6 (Mercedes-Benz), please see note below regarding DoIP
    — All purely battery powered electric vehicles (BEVs) (Mercedes-Benz), please see the note below about DoIP

  • XENTRY Flash available for all model series certified to Euro 5 and 6, , as well as purely battery powered electric vehicles (BEVs)

  • Symptom processing by standardized symptoms

  • Diagnosis over IP (Ethernet) “DoIP” generally available if Pass Thru device supports DoIP; otherwise no flashing of Headunit and Instrument Cluster for present PC and Van model series up to the introduction of model series 206 and 223

Please note:
For pure DoIP model series (with the introduction of model series 206 and 223), these adapters can be operated:

These adapters have been tested by Mercedes-Benz AG and must only be used with XENTRY Pass Thru exclusively for DoIP model series. Mercedes-Benz AG is not liable for any other adapters.

For non-DoIP model series, we recommend the following pass-thru capable devices:

— Actia Passthru+ XS 2G
— Bosch KTS 560
— ADIS Technology EURO VCI

The Pass Thru device must always fulfill the Pass Thru standard and can be purchased on the open market.

Please note:
XENTRY Pass Thru EU does not support any model series and model designations other than those specified above. If you require the full scope of diagnosis for all model series and model designations, we refer you to our standard diagnosis solution XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 4.

In general, a XENTRY Pass Thru EU contract is valid for one year and can be extended by payment of an annual fee by one year.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Vehicle diagnosis possible using standard PCs and commercially available Pass Thru equipment (SAE J2534 standard)

  • Virtually complete diagnostics scope (from quick tests to flashing and clearing the fault memory) with the exception of technical limitations linked to Pass Thru devices of the SAE J2534 Pass Thru standard

  • For control units in Euro 5 or 6-certified passenger vehicles and vans series, , as well as purely battery powered electric vehicles (BEVs).

And what are the system requirements?

A special, hardware specific StartKey is required to use XENTRY Pass Thru EU.

After having installed the basic setup (using the download link in Mercedes-Benz B2B Connect) you can also order it from Mercedes-Benz B2B Connect. The hardware ID required to order the StartKey can be selected using the "ConfigAssist" tool in "System Data".

By the way: The StartKey will also make it possible for certain end devices (e.g. laptops) to run diagnosis applications using the unique hardware ID.

Also important:

  • Administrator rights for installation and updates

  • Personalized login incl. standard diagnosis right (compulsory login procedure)

  • Windows compatible PC or Laptop with Intel i5 processor or better, or similar type

  • Operating system: Windows 10 (64 Bit) or Windows 11 (64 Bit)

  • Minimum of 8 GB RAM (16 GB recommended)

  • Minimum of 150 GB free HDD, Solid State Drive (SSD) recommended (for performance and mechanical robustness)

  • Browser: Edge for Windows

  • One USB 3.0 port to connect XENTRY Diagnosis VCI via USB cable

  • One free USB port for the WiFi stick for wireless communication between diagnosis PC and VCI

  • Broadband Internet access via LAN/WiFi

  • Microsoft .NET 4.0 (or higher) installed (http://www.microsoft.com)

  • Several URLs and Ports unlocked in the local or network firewall / proxy (see table below)


Did you already know that…?

A credit unit retains its validity following the end of the diagnosis session or after having changed vehicles until it has expired. Time credit purchased in error or that is no longer required cannot be returned or refunded. Any time credit that has not been used or activated once the contract has expired cannot be refunded. However, credit is transferred if you extend the contract.

Your Notes on Use

If you would like to use diagnosis content, you require a permanent online connection for the following:

  • Access to diagnosis data (carried out per diagnosis session)

  • Checking access authorizations for data content (StartKey)

  • Checking contractual data

Further requirements:

The following URLs and ports must be enabled for a XENTRY Diagnosis Open Shell system in the firewall or in the proxy server. Please speak to your IT administrator and ensure that everything has been enabled.

XENTRY Portalhttps://xentry.mercedes-benz.com/443 (https)
XENTRY WIShttps://retailfactory.mercedes-benz.com/iri-gui/443 (https)
XENTRY Operation Timehttps://xentry.mercedes-benz.com/xot/443 (https)
(For provision of remote support)
80 (http)
443 (https)
Service24h Europehttps://compass.i.daimler.com/m4t443 (https)
XENTRY Tipshttps://xentry-tips.mercedes-benz.com/neo-reader/index.html443 (https)
Windows Update Linkshttp://windowsupdate.microsoft.com
(Enabling required for *.microsoft.com)
80 (http)
XENTRY (AKT)https://aftersales.mercedes-benz.com/443 (https)
XENTRY Flashhttps://aftersales.mercedes-benz.com
(For control unit commissioning)
443 (https)
XENTRY Diagnosis DomainsFor operation of the XENTRY Diagnosis Software with and without RDS, the following domains must always be accessible and must not be blocked, even if no communication has taken place over them for a longer period of time:
  • *.daimler.com

  • *.daimler.de

  • *.mercedes-benz.com

  • *.mercedes-benz.de

  • *.corpinter.net

  • *.akamaihd.net

  • *.fastsupport.com

  • *.go2assist.me

  • *.gofastchat.com

  • *.gotoassist.com

  • *.gotoassist.at

  • *.gotoassist.me

  • *.goto.com

  • *.helpme.net

  • *.logmeinrescue.com

  • *.tokbox.com

  • *.opentok.com

  • *.pingone.eu

  • *.pingidentity.eu

  • *.startekinfo.com (MBUSA)

  • *.microsoft.com

  • *.windowsupdate.com

  • *.windows.com

  • *.time.windows.com

80 (http)
443 (https)

123 (UDP)
AddOnshttp://openshell.aftersales.daimler.com/msi-updates/*80 (http)
443 (https)
Retail Data Storage to the Internet
  • *.daimler.com

  • *.mercedes-benz.com

  • *.corpinter.net

  • *.akamaihd.net

80 (http)
443 (https)
XENTRY Diagnosis to Retail Data Storage 80 (http)
443 (https)
9000 (http)
7001 (tcp)
7002 (tcp)

IMPORTANT - New binding registration procedure from 2021

Our new security concept secures access to and use of the XENTRY Diagnosis software in two stages:

Stage 1: Since release 03/2021, you must log in with your personal user ID and password.

Stage 2: From March 15, 2022, you will also need the standard diagnostic role. You apply for this via the UMAS platform.

Prerequisite: You have successfully completed the identification procedure. You can also start this via UMAS, unless a local Ident procedure is used in your market. You will receive your role via the corresponding button on the platform. Basically, you only have to go through the identification process via UMAS/IDnow once.

With Release 06/2020, a strict security concept was implemented to safeguard diagnostic access and back-end services. Since then, a personalized login has been required for the 213 model update 2020 and 223 passenger car series.

This security level applies to all brands and divisions, i.e. all diagnostic users must log in personally to the diagnostic device. This means that anonymous access to vehicles and back-end services is no longer possible.

From March 15, 2022, you will always need the standard diagnostics role for all diagnostic activities. To control unit commissioning from series 213 model update 2020 as well as 223, the new extended XENTRY Flash role is required.

The respective rights are assigned as follows:

1. XENTRY standard diagnosis rights:

Each diagnosis user must independently apply for the standard diagnosis right via https://umas.mercedes-benz.com/umas and carry out the one-time identification. If you are an Independent Service Provider (independent workshop) and do not yet have a User ID, you can apply for a respective one via the following link: https://umas.mercedes-benz.com/orgprocess/

Please select "New Registration" if you are not yet registered as a Mercedes-Benz Group AG customer. Or select “Registered Organization” if your organization is a registered customer but you do not yet have a User ID.

Please contact your local IT administrator. Alternatively, you can contact support via the support button on the very right side of the UMAS page (headset icon).

2. XENTRY Flash authorization

Both XENTRY Flash-roles (Standard-Flash role and Extended Flash role for alle CeBAS vehicles) can be applied via UMAS.
Each user must independently carry out a one-time identification via UMAS to get the Flash roles.

More information on XENTRY diagnostic user rights and Flash rights can be found here.

XENTRY Pass Thru EU Support

You can select the appropriate category under “Need help?”. If you cannot find a suitable answer in the FAQs, open a ticket at the bottom of the page.

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