XENTRY Update Service and Retail Data Storage

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XENTRY Update Service Introduction and Operating Concept

The XENTRY Update Service provides your workshop online with ECU software and flash software as well as release updates for diagnostic systems. Release updates and ECU software  of the old “Regio DVD” and “Digital Operator’s Manuals” are provided online and centrally by the Mercedes Benz AG. There are two options available:

  • XENTRY Update Service with Retail Data Storage device (recommended)

  • XENTRY Update Service without Retail Data Storage device

Due to constantly growing data volumes as a result of further developments in control units for future vehicle model series, the storage requirements for retail data storage are increasing continuously. Therefore, fast download time and redistribution are essential.

The new Retail Data Storage 2 has a powerful 18-terabyte hard drive. Thanks to the two times higher data transfer speed compared to the predecessor model, the growing data volumes can be handled without any problems.

Technical specification of the Retail Data Storage 2:

  • Device: Barebone including mainboard, power adapter, rear panel and cooling system

  • Operating system: Ubuntu Linux LTS in the latest version

  • Processor: Intel Xeon E-2314 4 Core 2.8GHz 8MB

  • Memory: 16GB DDR4 3200 ECC UDIMM

  • Hard drive: 18 TB HDD SATA3 – Enterprise quality

  • LAN ports: 2 x RJ 45 Ports (Dual Port Intel® X710-AT2 Gigabit 10G LAN Controller)

Less effort for your updates

Ensure regular updates for all your XENTRY diagnostic devices with the XENTRY Update Service. Depending on the configuration, new release updates and add-ons are automatically downloaded from the Internet to your Retail Data Storage (network storage) within 48 hours of publication and immediately distributed from there to your XENTRY diagnostic devices - without effort, fully automatically and with low downtimes of your diagnostic devices. Download and installation of release updates are carried out in the background – you reduce the time required for update to about five minutes per device and thus increase the efficiency in your workshop.

Work even more efficient in your workshop

You can define the download times of the XENTRY Update Service individually so that updates and software are only downloaded at night outside of workshop operation, for example. This reduces waiting times when using the diagnostic systems.

If you use several diagnostic systems, the same software and updates do not have to be downloaded several times from each diagnostic system individually, but only once to the Retail Data Storage, which then supplies the various networked diagnostic systems.

XENTRY Update Service without Retail Data Storage

The XENTRY Update Service can also be used without Retail Data Storage, but it has some disadvantages:

  • Multiple download of data required, as each diagnostic device must download it separately

  • High download volume from the Internet

  • Longer waiting times in workshop operation, depending on download duration

We therefore only recommend the "XENTRY Update Service without Retail Data Storage" variant if you use 1-2 diagnostic systems per operation and use them only irregularly.

Initial startup and training

Learn how to commission and use the XENTRY Update Service and Retail Data Storage.

User Guide XENTRY Update Service and Retail Data StorageHelpCard Retail Data Storage 2

Technical requirement

Internet connection:
An Internet connection with at least 100 Mbit/s (lower bandwidths may result in longer download times) and a maximum latency of 60 ms.

Activation Domains and Ports:
The Retail Data Storage must be able to reach the following domains and ports on the Internet:


80 (http)
443 (https)

If you use a XENTRY Diagnosis Kit:
The XENTRY Diagnosis Pad | Pad 2 systems must be able to reach the following connections to the Retail Data Storage:

80 (http)
443 (https)
9000 (http)
7001 (tcp)
7002 (tcp)

The purchase of the Retail Data Storage 2 already includes the XENTRY Update Service for 42 months from the activation date. The customer who has completed the purchase of the Retail Data Storage will receive an e-mail notification before the 42 months expire about the end of the 42 months. If the customer wishes to continue using the data supply via the XENTRY Update Service in combination with an Retail Data Storage, he has the option of either purchasing an extension of the XENTRY Update Service for 12 months, or purchasing a new Retail Data Storage. The activation date can be read out within the XENTRY Update Service Control Center (Retail Data Storage), both in the Monitoring area and in the Administration area, here in the tab "About the Device".


Because the Retail Data Storage is a purchased product, you do not need to return it at the end of its use. From Mercedes-Benz there are no specifications and requirements for the disposal of a Retail Data Storage. Please dispose your old Retail Data Storage in accordance with the legal requirements in your country.


Do you need further support?

If you have any business-related problems, please contact the Customer Care Center:

If you have technical questions or feedback to the XENTRY Diagnosis products, please contact the XENTRY Diagnosis User Helpdesk (UHD) by creating a ticket in the Support Tool (wrench icon on the Desktop) on your XENTRY Diagnosis device or while in the XENTRY Diagnosis application clicking on the speech bubbles at the top right. Alternatively, open a ticket in B2B Connect in the “need help?” section or use the direct link to the XSF Ticketing System:https://xsf.i.mercedes-benz.com/support/arsys/SingleSignOn.