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XENTRY Tips contains up-to-date technical repair information for vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz and smart brands. This makes XENTRY Tips the communication system that provides the very latest remedies. Easy-to-use search functions make this information quick and simple to call up.

XENTRY Tips Reader is the Mercedes-Benz mobile information and help system for your workshop.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Mobile solution for up-to-date technical repair information for vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz and smart brands

  • Carry out a targeted search for Tips documents on the go and with ease

  • Find documents quickly and easily at the vehicle

  • Efficiency and time savings by reducing walking distances and waiting times

Range of functions from XENTRY Tips Reader

  • Search: The optimized search function can be used to find documents and information directly at the vehicle. Thanks to linking of XENTRY Tips Reader with Parts Information and WIS/ASRA, it is possible in many countries to transfer the vehicle context and attributes such as part numbers, work and repair instructions or damage codes directly to the relevant application. Additional searches are not necessary.

  • Continuous product support: XENTRY Tips Reader can be used with mobile devices anywhere and any time, guaranteeing continuous product support across all levels of service.

  • No waiting times: Location-independent availability avoids the waiting times that can arise with shared, stationary access points. XENTRY Tips Reader supports the search for information at any time and place.

And What Are the System Requirements?

  • Operating system: iOS version 13.4 or Android version 9 or higher

  • Browser: Safari or Google Chrome

  • Older versions, alternative operating systems and browsers may run with certain limitations, but are not supported

For SmartphonesInternet connection required

Other requirements

Important: To purchase the app, you must specify a valid user ID (normally consisting of 8 alphanumeric characters), which has been assigned to your organization. If you do not know your user ID, or if you do not have one, please consult the administrator for your organization or contact the support team.

XENTRY Tips Reader Support

You can select the appropriate category under “Need help?”. If you cannot find a suitable answer in the FAQs, open a ticket at the bottom of the page.

By the way: XENTRY Tips is also available as Desktop version.

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