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Software - the most frequently asked questions

What is DSB?

The abbreviation DSB stands for the new "Digital Service Booklet” online platform. DSB collects maintenance-relevant service data. After successfully completing service work, the workshop enters the data in a central database that is protected from third-party access. Therefore the entry in a traditional service booklet is no longer required. A "Digital Service Report" is generated in the DSB system for verification, then printed and provided to the customer.

Can maintenance and service work on Mercedes-Benz vehicles also be documented without DSB?

Online maintenance documentation is mandatory for all passenger car model series (except G-Class) and vans, because this is the only way to generate a genuine proof of maintenance for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

How much does the access and use of DSB cost?

Access and usage are free of charge.

How can I access the DSB?

1. Go to
2. Log in or register
3. Activate DSB (Digital Service Booklet, under "Software" --> "Repair & Maintenance Information" --> "Digital Service Booklet (DSB)") and get direct access to the digital recording of all maintenance and repair services for each vehicle created
4. If you have access to DSB, you can find the application either in the dashboard under "Digital Service Booklet" or under "My Customer Vehicles" (Select the appropriate vehicle --> click on the tab "Digital Service Booklet" --> "+ Document new service" 

Where can I access information on passenger vans?

Information on passenger vans (V-Class, Viano, Vaneo) is included as standard in the passenger car section.

Are prices displayed in the XENTRY Parts Information application?

No, prices are not available in the XENTRY Parts Information application.

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